Concave Convex Mirror Indoor outdoor wide angle convex mirrors Round Convex Mirror

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  • Wide angle viewing
  • It is wearproof, anti-UV, highly durable.
  • It could be used in office, supermarket, retail shop, bank, workshop to observation and surveillance, and used in road corner, or parking lot to avoid traffic accidents

Concave Convex Mirror Indoor outdoor wide angle convex mirrors Round Convex Mirror price in Bangladesh

Concave and convex mirrors are two types of curved mirrors that have different properties and uses.

A concave mirror is a mirror that curves inward, like a spoon. It can be used to focus light and is often used in reflecting telescopes, headlights, and makeup mirrors. Concave mirrors can also create a virtual image that is larger or smaller than the object being reflected, depending on the distance between the object and the mirror.

A convex mirror, on the other hand, curves outward like a ball. It is often used in wide-angle mirrors, such as those used in cars and security systems. Convex mirrors reflect light outwards and can make objects appear smaller than they actually are. This is why they are used in car side mirrors, to provide a wider view of the surroundings while driving.

Indoor and outdoor convex mirrors are used for different purposes. Indoor convex mirrors are typically used for safety and security purposes, such as in hospitals, schools, and stores, to provide a wider view of an area or to prevent theft. Outdoor convex mirrors are commonly used in driveways, parking lots, and intersections to improve visibility and safety.

Wide-angle convex mirrors are used to provide a wider view of an area. They can be found in cars, trucks, and other vehicles, as well as in security systems and surveillance cameras. Wide-angle convex mirrors can be made from either concave or convex mirrors, depending on the intended use.

Round convex mirrors are a common shape for both indoor and outdoor use. They are often used in corners, blind spots, and other areas where visibility is limited. Round convex mirrors can be mounted on walls, poles, or ceilings and come in various sizes to suit different needs.

Product Name
convex mirror
Easy to install, accessories included
NEW 770mm(indoor/outdoor)
The mirror surface is pc material, and the mirror back is engineering plastic ABS
NEW 1000mm(outdoor)
NEW 600(indoor)
NEW 600(outdoor)
Products Description

Convex mirror price in Bangladesh 2023

Price:৳ 00,000.00
Size18″, 24″, 32″, 39″ Mirror
Item:convex mirror 
Contact No:0185-3330338
Warranty:One Year

convex mirror price in Bangladesh 2023

The latest price of the convex mirror in Bangladesh is  ৳ 0,000.00. You can buy the Road safety convex mirror in Bangladesh at best price from our website or visit any of our Office.

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convex mirror price in bangladesh

Concave Convex Mirror Indoor outdoor wide angle convex mirrors Round Convex Mirror