The Best Uses of Convex Mirror in Bangladesh

The Best Uses of Convex Mirror in Bangladesh

  • Convex mirrors are often used in buildings’ hallways, including stores, schools, hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings.
  • They are used in driveways, roads, and alleys to provide safety to all the bikers and motorists at curves and turns and other places where there is a lack of visibility.
  • They are also used in some automated teller machines as a handy security feature that allows users to see what is happening behind them.
  • They are used in the passenger side mirror on a car, and somewhere it is labelled as “ objects in mirror are closer than they appear” to warn the driver.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the radius of curvature?

The radius of curvature is the linear distance between the pole and the centre of curvature.

What is meant by pole of a spherical mirror?

The midpoint of the spherical mirror is known as the pole.

What are the types of spherical mirrors?

Spherical mirrors are classified into:

  • Concave Mirror
  • Convex Mirror

Which mirror is used in car mirrors?

Convex mirrors are used in car mirrors.

State TRUE or FALSE: A convex mirror always forms a virtual and erect image.

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